If you are a Sports or an igaming company then we can help manage & optimize your existing revenue streams, build new ones by leveraging our network of highly relevant advertisers, publishers, Influencers and performance marketing experts.

At Sportzcorp we are an experienced team of experts in igaming and pride ourselves on our reliability, flexibility and ability to solve problems.

We are the evolution in your marketing database. We are your brand scorekeeper. We are Sportzcorp



Our consultants have deep understanding and experience in growing igaming companies into international markets. We work very closely with companies in
execution of market expansion strategies when it comes to customer acquisition, payment methods, CRM and product localization.

We also provide talent solutions for international market expansions given our extensive network and coverage on the ground in these markets

Sales and Marketing

We work-in with our clients to constantly adapt and optimize current and new revenue streams to ensure long-term, sustainable sales in an industry that changes rapidly. We manage everything for you, minimizing your expenditure on time and resources.

We can attract new customers and better monetize your traffic and grow your income while you focus on your product. To provide the most value for our partners, we are constantly strengthening and expanding our global reach and partner networks

Product Growth

With our in-house products we are uniquely positioned to grow your customer base on mobile platforms. We also help our clients with new product development & manage end-to-end IT Projects at significantly lower costs.

Our sports analysts can execute models from data collection to validation to deployment and integration. In order for our clients to beat the market, we make sure we provide high performance data for predicting outcomes of professional sports.