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Games are the starting point of ZAPI. Here you can get all the live games that are being covered at the moment. Based on games the rest of the data structure is classified.

The list of all the available games

Tournaments are based on the live games being covered. All the premiere and major tournaments will be found here and the qualifiers linked to majors can also be retrieved.

  • The available tournaments
  • The list of tournaments of a game in a year
  • The tournament details of a game with their status
  • The tournaments between a specific period of time

More than games and tournaments, matches are the most looked upon branch in the ZAPI tree. Matches can also be referred to as ‘maps’ in connection with a “best-of-“ scenario, where it can be a series of a number of matches between the same teams. Matches throughout a time period can also be found out. Here you will find the in-game details, scores, and winners.

  • The details of a match
  • The list of matches of a game in a tournament
  • The list of matches of a game in a calendar year
  • The game wise list of matches in a tournament

This is where the team details are laid out. The rosters or team the compositions, achievements, money earned, overall performance, games played etc. Instances, where the same team has a roster in different games is listed separately to avoid confusion. All the team based details are given below.

  • The details of most played teams in a game
  • The performance details of teams in a game
  • The picks and bans in a game by a team (DotA 2, League of Legends)
  • The list of all teams
  • The details of teams in a tournament

Player data is where individual player records and stats are maintained. Their names, in-game name and team affiliation are listed. The individual performance in a particular game and their statistics throughout a period of time are some of the key player details.

  • The performance details of player in a game
  • The individual player stats
  • The picks by a player in a game (DotA 2, League of Legends)
  • The player stats in a specific period of time

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