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SportzCorp has arrived

SportzCorp is an eSports company, where hobbies and passions are turned into a productive  job. We aim to serve the gaming community and bring to people the enthusiasm that we always have had for it. We aim to touch every aspect of the eSports industry, thereby making SportzCorp the one stop shop for anyone and everyone who likes eSports, be it players, teams, organisers, organisations, or even viewers.

SportzCorp is one of the pioneers in the country to delve into the eSports scene. eSports in India has never been hyped about like in other countries, and someone who wants to make a career out of it is almost helpless. Being started by some of those people, we understand the needs of the gaming community and simply want to answer to them. We provide our services to those who need it and through this, hope to someday bring about a change globally in the eSports industry, thereby resulting in an enriched, authentic, and a more enjoyable experience with eSports.

Run by people who love the industry and would love to take this to the next level, we at SportzCorp aim to make any average player better if not, the best! The employees consist of hard-working, passionate, and fun filled individuals who simply enjoy working in the gaming ambience here at SportzCorp with a professional etho.

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