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Team Liquid Partners with Naruto!


Team Liquid collabs with Internet’s favourite Anime for exciting Merch!

Now before you get excited, and start imagining Naruto playing in the next Team Liquid esports match, hold on. Calm yourself down. Team Liquid has partnered with Naruto, one of the world’s most popular manga/anime, for the celebration of both of their 20th anniversaries. This collaboration will bring the fans some of the best Team Liquid x Naruto Shippuden clothing and merch bringing together esports and anime, a possible match made in heaven!

Team Liquid is one of the most well known and well-regarded esports organisations around. Based in the Netherlands and founded back in 2000, the group quickly rose through the ranks to expand not only into multiple countries, but also into multiple different games and genres. Their popularity has grown so much that they have began branching out into the merch territory, which has led to this exciting collab.

Naruto Shippuden hardly needs introduction, as whether you are a fan of manga/anime or not, you have most likely heard of the series. Naruto, starting back as purely a manga in 1997, quickly exploded in international popularity once joining the roster of the Weekly Shōnen Jump line up, and soon was adapted into an anime, reaching the ranks of series like Dragon Ball Z or Pokémon. It follows the story of a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki and his dreams to become the Hokage/Leader of his village.

The collab features clothing for any fan of the series, and virtually any part of the body. The collection includes a Leaf Village Denim Jacket, a Jonin-inspired Leaf Village Parka, Naruto vs. Sasuke Cargo Joggers, a Rogue Ninja Hat, as well as stylized hoodies, long sleeve shirts, and short sleeve tees, so no matter one’s taste, there is something for everyone.

The line has been available as of Friday, February 12th and is sure to sell out fast. Unfortunately, for those living internationally, the collection will only be available in the US at this time. However, Team Liquid does have plans to expand the collection not just to other countries, but with even more clothing and designs to boot, so international audiences have something to look forward to. You can view and purchase the entire Team Liquid x Naruto Shippuden clothing collaboration right here on the Team Liquid shop.

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