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Pokimane and xQc struck with false DMCA allegations on Twitter!

Image Courtesy : xQc/Pokimane Instagram

The plague of DMCA claims is once again popping upto ruin the lives of some of the popular streamers in the industry the latest of which are Pokimane and xQc.

It all started earlier this year when multiple Twitch streamers were targetted, with them having to delete years worth of VODs to avoid penalties. Almost all these streamers claim that the accusations were unnecessary and unfair because some even had to outright delete their entire library of videos.

Now it seems as though the DMCA has put the streamers’ Twitter accounts in their cross-hairs. Pokimane, former League of Legends streamer, and xQc, the former Overwatch pro, have reported last night that their Twitter accounts were locked in response to such false DMCA claims.

While Pokimane claims that her account was locked due to a TikTok she made to the song “Say So” and a tweet that said “I love girls.”, xQc argues that the clip which got his account locked came from his own stream.

This basically is an abuse of the DMCA takedown rules, where even people who don’t own the content or copyright are able to file a report to Twitter to get the accounts of such creators suspended. This just shows the lack of concern for creators and is worrying since there seems to be no rigour in the investigations of such cases.

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