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Nintendo’s newest Pokémon Snap launching on the Switch in April

A successor to the game launched almost 2 decades back!


Pokémon Snap is a first person simulation video game with a rail shooter style gameplay. First released back in March 1999 for Nintendo’s N64 console, the game’s objective is for the main character to ‘shoot’ pictures of various pokémon encountered while travelling on a rail cart. After decades of no attention, the game is getting a breath of new life this year and is ready for its release on the Nintendo Switch.


The New Pokémon Snap!

Expected to release on the 30th of April this year, the game follows the player through the Lental region, a region brimming with beauty from exuberant jungles to many sandy beaches. We collaborate with Professor Mirror, the region’s pokémon expert, and his assistant to conduct surveys, while photographing and observing pokémon in their natural lifestyle and habitats.

The player would be travelling in an auto-driving vehicle called the NEO-ONE, so that they can focus on getting the best pokémon shots as possible. Players can also interact with the pokémon by throwing ‘Fluffruit’ to get their attention or to draw them out of a variety of situations and even watch them eat.


Once photographed, Professor Mirror will evaluate these photos to award the player a score based on various elements of the photograph such as the placement of the pokémon, how well it is framed,  and even on whether or not the pokémon is facing the camera or not.


As the game progresses, the player also fills up their ‘Photodex’ and in turn more research gets completed. The behaviour of pokémon may sometimes even start to change and some will also have to appear a special glow. But before you start calling them shinies, we’ll tell you that this is known as the Illumina Phenomenon and its up to the player to figure out why exactly this happens.


This is the newest entry into the pokémon photography genre after its 1999 predecessor. The visuals released by Nintendo already look stunning with amazing soundtracks to match. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch starting 30th April, and it is up to he players to Catch ‘Em All!!

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