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League of Legends Cinematic Universe?

Your favourite League of Legends champions in Riot Games’ latest movie universe!

Image Courtesy: League of Legends website

Riot Games, the maker of the world-famous League of Legends and the recent Valorant, is planning to launch its own Cinematic Universe. They have already set plans in motion for the same while recruiting and building a production team for the live-action project.

It is not the first time that a game developer is wading into the field of cinema. Valve had recently released its own DoTA 2 anime in partnership with Netflix. World of Warcraft, a MMORPG game, has had its own movies released in the last decade. Even League of Legends have had their own movies in the past albeit in the form of a short-film or video-clip meant to announce release of new champions.

But in contrast to the predecessors in the field, Riot Games intends to build a Cinematic Universe that would rival the giants in the movie industry such as Marvel or DC. With its history in mini-movies and the innovations they’ve made in the past, it is highly probable that Riot Games will succeed in this new venture.

Runeterra, the fictional setting of League of Legends is home to a vast majority of worlds and universes each with a variety of creatures and species. Out of this there are around 150 champions, that are available to a player of the game, each with their own backstories and side characters. This gives Riot Games enough content to at-least match the Marvel Cinematic Universe and release a big-screen movie. They can even adopt one of their mini-movies from the past and adapt it into a lengthier movie fit for the cinemas.

While it is not known what entry will start the LoLCU, the animated series “Arcane” is only a few months off. The story is about the past of popular Champions Jinx and Vi and how they managed to survive the slums of Piltover and Zaun. Additional characters, such as Caitlyn and Warwick, have already been confirmed to make an appearance. A release date has not been confirmed yet, although it is still stated to come out in 2021.

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