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KitKat returns as the main sponsor of LEC’21 after a long ‘Break’

The Nestlé chocolate brand returns with a ‘break’ for the professional athletes. Image Courtesy: LEC Twitter

KitKat, the popular Nestlé chocolate brand, has been named in a partnership as the main sponsor for the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) for its 2021 season. The brand is returning as the main LEC sponsor after a break.

KitKat entered the esports scene in 2019 with partnerships for League of Legends, DoTA2, and Overwatch which was quite a magnificent first year for the brand in the industry. KitKat has thereafter solidified its position in the scene. This month alone, the company has secured agreements with Spanish organisation Vodafone Giants and the CBLOL, Brazil’s premier League of Legends competition.

The brand plans to bring back its ‘Even the Biggest Champ Needs A Break’ campaign with a 30-second spot entitled ‘MISSION CONTROL’. This initiative has been launched with the initiative to help the professionals by representing the different characteristics of a gamer working with and against similar others. Some of the characteristics described include working on motor skills, analysing situations, keeping a cool head, and making decisions, all of which are key while competing in a professional tournament. The spot will illustrate the internal struggle that gamers face between all of these characteristics, which can only be alleviated, obviously, by taking a break with KitKat.

Georg Fischer, Marketing Manager for KitKat, commented: “Putting a gamer in front of the monitor and placing the brand logo next to it? Anyone can do that. This is why we are following another approach and are kicking off the LEC partnership with a specially produced image spot that brings fun, entertainment and shows the gamer from a different side.”

“We are presenting the gamer multi-faced. As a gamer sometimes you struggle with yourself: Should I continue playing after a [losing] streak? Should I think of the team first or my own performance? We create situations that every gamer can relate to and literally jump into the head – the MISSION CONTROL.”

The deal was brokered by ‘SportFive’, which also produced the new commercial. Financial terms of the partnership haven’t yet been disclosed to public or in any press release.

Alban Dechelotte, Head of Sponsorships & New Business EU Esports at Riot Games commented: “We’re so happy to be signing on again with KitKat as one of our main partners for 2021. We had such a fruitful time together in 2020, with KitKat helping us to deliver some top-level content for our fans. KitKat started with a pilot, initially, with a relatively low level of activity; so it’s incredible that they have recognised the value of our partnership to the extent that they are now one of the major league esports partners across the LEC and local leagues and teams across Europe.”

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