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Fortnite to add a new Female Terminator as its latest hunter

This follows the previous addition of Predator into the game. Image Courtesy: FortTory – Fortnite Leaks & News

There was a new portal that opened up on the Fortnite map on January 20th, 2021 and it appeared right next to Angry Stacks. While it wasn’t confirmed who the new character would be to arrive through this portal, many fans speculated the possibility of it being the Terminator or Sarah Connor. This was further supported by the tweet posted by Fortnite Leaks & News earlier today. It contained a short teaser video from the Fortnite team, that ended with the phrase “Yeah, she’ll fit right in.”

Thank to this post, twitter is going crazy with speculation about who this mysterious woman could be. This again, points to the possibility of the arrival of Sarah Connor. One thing is sure, a female terminator is sure to show up, but no one is sure who this might be just yet.

Who is the new Female Terminator?

In his tweet, @Fatbunny911 was quick to point out that there have been three different female Terminators in movies and television. They are also known as Terminatrix and played by Summer Glau, Kristanna Loken, and Mackenzie Davis (not a Terminatrix but an Augment).

These 3 female terminators cause Arnold owns the Terminator model and he’s known to sue unless you pay up and 💯 to his liking. But more than likely it’s the dark fate one and skeleton terminator pic.twitter.com/T7rZESVcGG

— Fat_bunny_91 (@Fatbunny911) January 21, 2021

There have been a total of three known Terminatrix models in Terminator lore: the T-X, the T-1001, and the I-950 Infiltrator. There also has been a T-1001, known as Catherine Weaver, on ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles.’ So, technically any one of these lady terminators could show up in game through the portal.

But @sniperrpost thinks that audiences might see the badass Sarah Connor from Terminator: Dark Fate, alongside the traditional T-800.

bet it will be this woman pic.twitter.com/IgpmUqdLXu

— sniperr (@sniperrpost) January 21, 2021

This would be the best choice that Epic Games has considering the massive role Linda Hamilton has played for the entire Terminator series. Her inclusion would be the most fan approved, win condition for Epic Games.

The bottom line is, if audiences are to get a female Terminator character in Fornite, it will most likely be the Augment, Grace, from Terminator: Dark Fate. Being the latest movie in the franchise, one with positive reviews, the licensing opportunity is probably the easiest. An older Arnold Schwarzenegger might be included in Fortnite as well

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