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Fortnite launches a new Lever Action Shotgun!

Fornite’s latest update 15.20, brings plenty more weapons to the game.


Epic Games has released its latest update, 15.20, for its Battle Royale game Fortnite. The new update comes with a lot of new content such as new skins/cosmetics, a new event, plus some bug fixes. It has also introduced a new exotic called Hop Rock Dualies, essentially an exotic class dual-wielding gun that would be perfect for gunslingers.

While the update came with a total of four new or unvaulted weapons and items for the loot pool, the new Lever Action shotgun stands out prominatly.


The New Shotgun

The new Lever Action shotgun has five different rarities from common to legendary. The common version of the Lever Action Shotgun deals 10.4 damage per pellet with a reload time of 6.6 seconds and a magazine size of 6. The legendary version of the gun deals 12.7 damage per pellet and has a reload time of 5.4 seconds.


Unlike the many other in-game shotguns, this new one, at the legendary level, has the ability to drop an enemy with a single, well aimed shot. However, if you don’t have on point aim, you might as well try another weapon because a missed shot makes you vulnerable during reload.

The shotgun can be  found from floor loot, chests, and supply drops. Only time will tell how viable this shotgun turns out to be. It could be a good replacement for the pump shotgun, or could be completely broken and get nerfed in a future patch or hotfix.

Fortnite players can now download the new Fortnite update on their gaming devices. The battle royale game is currently in Week 6 of Chapter 2, Season 5.

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