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Fnatic India PUBG Mobile roster has been Officially released!

The release amidst the gossip and speculation about Fnatic’s shutdown in India

Image Courtesy: Fnatic


In a surprising turn of events Fnatic India today released their PUBG Mobile roster. However, in an Instagram post made by the organisation, Fnatic India has officially stated that the organization is not shutting down its operations in India, but will look to expand its presence in the future. Fnatic is not exiting India and is merely pausing its operations within the country until there is a clear picture of the Indian PUBG Mobile scene’s future.

Fnatic also revealed that although the ban on PUBG Mobile in the country was surely a bump for them, Fnatic India will be a huge part of the organization’s future through the comeback of PUBG Mobile or through some other gaming title.

They made the following announcement through their official Instagram handle:

To all Fnatic fans. Today we have allowed our PUBG Mobile players and coach to look for opportunities to play elsewhere. This does not mean we are shutting down our operations in India as some reports have suggested. Far from it, we are actually looking for ways to expand our presence in India through new partnerships and new titles. While PUBG Mobile’s ban in India has been an unexpected bump in the road, we’re not going anywhere. Fnatic India is a huge part of our future, either through the return of PUBG Mobile or in another title. Thank you for your patience, love and support you’ve shown us.

The current Fnatic PUBG Mobile roster includes some of India’s most skilled and decorated players who are:

1.Owais (Mohammad Owais Lakhani)

2.MaxKash (Akash Anandani)

3.Franky (Gaurav Rawat)

4.Ash (Ashish Bhatnagar)

5.TheDUDE (Ayushman Chauhan)

6.Paritosh (Paritosh Sharma)

Along with these players, the team also included former PUBG player Aurum, who worked as a coach for the lineup.

Fnatic initially entered India in October 2019 with PUBG Mobile by signing the Xspark lineup which included players ScoutOP, Owais, Ronak, Paritosh, and InYourDream. With the passage of several tournaments, the lineup was tweaked a few times with the biggest changes being the exit of ScoutOP and Ronak.

With the comeback of PUBG Mobile India still uncertain, it would be intriguing to see the players’ strategy going forward. While the players have been working hard and patiently waiting for PUBG Mobile’s return to the country, it would also be interesting to see how soon KRAFTON will be able to re-launch the game in India.

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