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DoTA 2 set to launch its own Netflix Anime!

The Anime is a product of Valve partnering with Netflix

Since its launch, Dota 2 fans haven’t had much content besides the game itself. But now, these fans have a new animated series to look forward to! Netflix and developer Valve have just announced they’re collaborating on a new anime series called DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. Based on the popular video game Dota 2, the anime will follow fire-breathing hero Davion, the Dragon Knight. The anime is set to hit Netflix around the globe on March 25th.

Like any other popular game, there are attempts to expand the franchise beyond games and related merchandise. A full CG movie is probably impractical at this point and fans will have to settle for whatever Netflix and Studio MIR, credited for The Legend of Korra and Netflix’s Voltron, have cooked up.

According to his Dota 2 backstory, Davion was asked by an old, dying dragon to grant him an honourable death in combat. When the knight obliged, the dragon used the last of its strength to imbue Davion with all his power and wisdom, turning Davion into the Dragon Knight and giving him the sick ability to transform into a giant flying reptile.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood centers around Davion, the Dragon Knight, one of the game’s many heroes. The short Netflix blurb also namedrops Mirana, the Princess of the Moon, another playable hero from the game. Other than that, however, the announcement and the trailer offer little insight into the animated series.

The mere existence of this series is a significant step for Valve — and a big surprise to fans. While competitor Riot Games has historically been aggressive in growing League of Legends’ brand, Valve is infamous for being markedly more muted in its efforts. A full-blown Netflix anime series wasn’t something players thought was even on the cards — much less arriving in just over a month.

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