Apex Legends Season 9 Trailer Coming Soon!

April 24, 2021

The new season will be entitled ‘Legacy’

Apex Legends, is finally getting a brand-new game mode much like the Fortnite Battle Royale game mode. The new season 9, entitled ‘Legacy’, is set to launch on 4th May 2021. However, fans will be getting a sneak peak later today from the Apex Legends Legacy trailer releasing soon. In another fantastic story from the Outlands trailer, Respawn confirmed the arrival of Valkyrie as the newest Legend in the game.

It was already known that the game has loads of Titanfall stuff coming, but now there is a clearer understanding of how these shared universes will collide. One thing’s for sure, Legacy looks promising, and it’s just around the corner. This week we had our first look at hotshot Titan pilot, Valkyrie, and Respawn has announced that a new weapon is also on the way, alongside changes to the Olympus map.

Valkyrie has close ties to the Titanfall universe, with her being the daughter of a rather popular Titanfall 2 character – Viper. Her story trailer included a flashback where she took her father’s Titan out for a spin, as well as a rather intense meeting with the infamous Kuben Blisk.

Additionally, there are several in-game hints that something called “The Arena” will be coming to Apex Legends in the upcoming season. If you loot care packages during a match, you’ll find an invitation that unlocks a phone on the lobby menu that then sends you on a hunt for holographic symbols throughout both Kings Canyon and Olympus. Finding all of them unlocks an elevator in the Firing Range that takes you to a secret area, where Ash–who we haven’t seen in-game since the end of Season 5’s Quest–asks, “Do you think you have what it takes to impress me? We’ll find out soon. The Arena awaits.”

Given Ash’s connection to Titanfall, fans have begun speculating that the new mode could be something along the lines of Titanfall 2’s team deathmatch modes, like Attrition or Live Fire. Though it’s worth pointing out, however, that Respawn has already experimented with other types of game modes in Apex Legends through limited-time events–Zombies/Infected with Shadowfall and Shadow Royale, Horde with Quest, and King of The Hill with Winter Express.


Image Courtesy: Apex Legends Twitter

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