Apex Legends Fan Contribution Boost to ALGS Championship Prize Pool

June 15, 2021

EA plans to make the boost through the sale of item bundles.

Earlier this week, EA had announced that it would be upping the prize pool of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Championship from the pre-announced $1 million. How much it would cap at, was left up to the fans. Fans would be able to purchase item bundles, starting 18th May, and EA would make an additional contribution of $5 or $20 to the prize pool based on the item bundle purchased. EA estimates that, with such a sale the prize pool could go as high as $3 million.

There will be a total of 5 different item bundles sold up to the 1st of June, four of which will contain one Legendary Legend Skin, one Epic Banner Frame and one Epic Gun Charm. Finally, the Animal Kingdom Bundle will include all the items of the sale in one convenient package.

The purchase of one of the four bundles will result in the addition of $5 to the prize pool and a purchase of the Animal Kingdom Bundle will add an additional $20 to the total prize pool. EA has however said that the total extra prize pool would be capped off at $2 million thereby making the maximum possible prize pool capped at $3 million.

The ALGS Championship will start on May 22nd and features organisations competing from across the globe, such as Complexity Gaming, Alliance, Team Legion, Cloud9, TSM, NRG and Team Liquid.

The ALGS Championship will be held entirely online, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions. The championship will conclude with one team from each region (NA, EMEA, APAC South, APAC North and South America) being crowned champion.


Image Courtesy: EA Official

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