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19-year-old Female COD mobile pro “SOL” Murdered!

Murder was allegedly committed by fellow player Guilherme Alves Costa in São Paulo, Brazil


On Monday this week, Call of Duty Mobile professional Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva, known as “Sol,” was reportedly murdered by a fellow Esports player Guilherme Alves Costa in São Paulo, Brazil. The details of the murder are extremely shocking as the gaming world is reeling from the incident.

The 19-year-old Oliveira was in contact with Costa, who went by the online alias “Flashlight.” The two met virtually through their mutual love for Call of Duty. After a month of getting to know each other, Costa went to Oliveira’s residence.

In a statement, Gamers Elite published that it had nothing to do with the events that occurred.

“This Monday afternoon, [Guilherme] sent a video on the organization’s group on WhatsApp in which he supposedly had just killed a woman, filmed and shared the video. He also sent a PDF where he leaves messages of hatred against Christians and makes a nod to terrorism. After the clan leadership became aware of what happened, we organized ourselves and took necessary measures: We informed the appropriate authorities and asked all our members not to share the video of the alleged crime,” Gamers Elite said.

“🖤 pic.twitter.com/kZrG9sXf0w

— Jaguares Esports (@JaguaresGG) February 23, 2021

Translation: It is with deep sadness that Jaguares Esports wishes strength to SOL’s family and the FBI Esports team, we are all in mourning. Rest in peace and justice be done.

According to the investigation, Flashlight fled the scene of his home after he committed the murder, but he was convinced to return and turn himself in at the behest of his brother. In a video released by Viva ABC, Flashlight is arrested by police and is asked if he remembered what he did. He answers that he did, and that his sanity is “completely fit.” He also stated that he committed the crime “because he wanted to,” and was reportedly laughing while being taken away.

This tragic news comes right at the heels of a massive step forward for women in esports after Riot introduced the VCT Game Changers program, which sets out to elevate and spotlight women in the VALORANT competitive scene. What was supposed to be a day of celebration for women in esports has turned sour in reaction to the news of Sol’s murder.

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